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About MOJO Blast:

In some periods of my life I’ve found myself with less energy and will to accomplish the things I’m passionate about. Sometimes I’ve forgotten how to even connect to that passion for life, relationship and creativity that lives in me.

In this two hour ONLINE workshop we will learn tools to come back to Power, switch on our dormant creative energy and dissolve anything in the way of it.

We’ll explore tangible, down-to-earth processes for waking up that fire in our bellies, to energise ourselves and rediscover the optimism and sense of possibility.

Jamie will share golden tools from his 25 years of creating and launching globally successful projects for optimising success and enjoyment in all our endeavours.

Ticket Prices:

It is my highest vision to ensure that all my workshops and events are 100% inclusive. This idea of anyone missing one of my events for money reasons really bothers me. So although I set a price on the workshops I also offer the option of paying less if the price is out of your range.

I am trusting that folks will meet me in the spirit in which it is offered. I write this now to ask you not to abuse the system in the vein of getting a cheap deal.


“…a polite warning; prolonged exposure to Jamie Catto could blow your mind…” – The Daily Telegraph

“Jamie Catto is kind, wise, open, boundlessly energetic, optimistic and passionate. I adore him.” – Stephen Fry

“Jamie Catto is a human icebreaker with a prow of determination and a motor of love, slicing through the frozen seas around us.” – Tom Robbins



Miss Me!

I’ve been telling everyone on my weekends to stop trying to ‘get beyond’ their unwanted behaviours, to stop having an agenda to get rid of their most seemingly shameful characters and less attractive aspects of themselves, but to welcome them and love them as if they’re never going away. The actions we take to ‘heal’ them can often come from a place of wanting those parts of ourselves to leave and never come back. It’s ironic because we spend so much time hoping no one will ever abandon us but then abandon our own selves whenever we decide that these uncomfortable feelings are ‘not ok for us to feel’ and so take steps to eradicate them. It can be a thin line between healing and self-rejection.

I have such non-acceptance of the needy, ‘terrified of being unwanted’ part of me, the one that’s so fearful around being abandoned and often gets into an instant trauma reaction whenever I interpret or translate something my partner has innocently said as meaning “you don’t care if I’m around or not, you are ambivalent to me”. The belief or story I then tell myself that ‘I don’t matter’, ‘I am irrelevant’, ‘I am not wanted’ rushes up and feels so painful in me – so true in that moment – that I launch into a strategy of indirectly pressuring her to say something to cancel it out. I project on to her that ’she doesn’t love me enough’ when that particular pain and fear rushes up in me and end up creating that very reaction of her taking distance from my whining, needing space from me wishing that she was somehow different from how she is. I get threatened by her independence sometimes. When I do this I end up trying to use her to feel more secure, often tiring her out in a very unsexy way and worse, delivering her the very feeling of being unwanted that I’m desperately trying to avoid instead of simply owning my pain and asking for support.

When this happened yesterday I felt so ashamed and frustrated with this part of me that the idea, that I keep recommending to my workshoppers, of welcoming it and accepting it felt far, far away. Annoyingly, it’s the very time when this character needs me the most, when he’s most activated and in pain and has made a terrible mess that is the absolute hardest time for me to be accepting of him and caring, instead of shaming and rejecting him.

Now that the surge of pain has died down I see how upsetting it must feel to be told by me “I wish you were more like this” – and for her to feel abandoned for just being herself in that moment. Ouch! When I’m not responsibly showing up to say ‘I’m triggered’ but instead trying to argue with her about how she expressed something to me, I am basically attempting to use her for something ‘Jamie needs’ instead of loving her for who she is – and then on top of that drawing her into an hour long exchange where she feels she needs to defend and explain herself leaving her both unmet and even more tired…I wish I had reigned it in quicker when it arose in me.

She rightly challenges me with ‘why would you not want me to be content having a great time without you?’ I of course, in my truth, do want that for her. Is there a base level fear that if she has a great time without me it will speed my inevitable abandonment? Why do I need to feel needed? Even though I’ve made big steps of healing in this and my batting average of not unconsciously slipping into this mode has got better, when I get triggered, sometimes with alarmingly little provocation, it can still take me up to an hour or more to be responsible, and a lot of damage can be done in that time. If I notice the same man ‘liking’ three of her facebook posts in a row, suddenly I am worried that I’m doomed, trawling for trouble in the self-deception that I’m trying to keep ‘Jamie’ safe – so self sabotaging!

There’s a 15 yr old Jamie who lives in me still carrying the dejection of walking home alone from the pub that he was too young to be allowed into when all his friends were inside having fun not needing him or remembering him as he trudged home to spend Saturday night by himself – and there’s an even earlier Jamie who felt this loneliness at being left behind and unwanted in his childhood. It likely goes back even further, but the self-caring truth is that this little terrified lad that lives in me needs the adult ‘me’ to actively create the reality he needs, be willing to feel his feelings with him, and while asking for support from others, to be vulnerable and not expect anyone else to deliver the feeling of ‘core nourishment’ for him. It’s too much responsibility to hand over the job of ‘make sure I never feel insecure’ to someone else. Even with my full life of kids and workshops and friendships and creating art when I’m apart from her, at the time that I slip up I almost feel like I’ve made zero progress in this. So once again I’m practicing self forgiveness and requesting hers.

‘If only neediness and begging were attractive qualities.’ Woody Allen


I’ve been noticing more than usual, in the recent days, how much I unconsciously make up stories and ‘what if’s’, invent worrying possibilities in my mind that really make me anxious and are clearly not actually happening in my ‘real’ world. Even when I’m given all kinds of signals and evidence that these mental fictions are certainly not happening my mind still gravitates towards compelling, unwanted, stressful scenarios, visions of exactly what I dread. I can spend huge chunks of my day doing this. Does my mind think it’s preparing me for danger? Protecting me in some way?

All this imagining really does is hurt me and distract me from the gifts that are all around me in those moments, making me physically uncomfortable, missing the precious ‘Now’, and re-living what it must have felt like as a child when I was so confused and powerless (which I’m not any more).

If I can notice myself, slow my breathing, become affectionately curious with what my unruly mind is doing (again and again) then there’s a chance to free myself.

Pema Chodron has suggested today “For one day, refrain from something you habitually do to escape. Pick something concrete…make a commitment to yourself to gently work with refraining from this habit. Do this with the intention that it will put you in touch with the underlying anxiety or uncertainty that you’ve been avoiding.” So today I’m going to amp up my loving awareness on this habit. I’m going to observe, without drama or self-judgement, myself create these self-harming thoughts and hunt them all gently like a loving but vigilant Lion.

Join me online tomorrow evening, Monday 12th Oct to explore this deeper ONLINE from anywhere in the World – http://jamiecatto.com/workshops/events/jamie-catto-online-evenings-bulletproof-12-october-2015/


When we feel a wonderful connection with someone and then they unexpectedly back off, it’s so easy to get insecure and think ‘is it me?’ or ‘what’s wrong with me?’ Don’t worry! You are a deep, powerful person, capable of very intense and real realms and not everyone can handle this, not everyone wants to go so deep, it can bring up too much vulnerability or edginess for them. This is no reflection on you, apart from a compliment, and yes, it can be lonely being so fucking cool! Don’t worry, don’t make yourself ‘less’. Just be you and eventually the right people who are at your level do stick around.

Also observe (lovingly and without judgement or impatience) your neediness, your lack, your worry, other sensations which don’t feel good for you. Observe them, appreciate and forgive them, give yourself patience and spaciousness. The child in you is very young and sometimes insecure. It is the same for me, for you, for all of us. Sometimes we reject these parts of ourselves but that is self-abandoning. It’s this self-abandoning that is more important to focus on than the perceived rejection from others. We can’t know what they need in their lives right now, but we do know what WE need – our loving awareness and presence, not judging and doubting ourselves. These uncomfortable, insecure places are part of all of us. Everyone. Most people hide from this stuff, escape, turn to addictions, numb themselves, but we are turning TOWARDS this stuff and this is a healing not just for you and for me but for everyone who comes into contact with us.

Carry on. I believe in you.


Good Bad Karma

KARMA: let’s not, in our self-slave-driving way mistake the lessons and illuminations Life is sending us for ‘punishment’ or ‘payback’. This is far from what I understand by the laws of cause and effect or ‘karma’, Life wants to show us the things we’re missing, or suppressing, or escaping. If we continue to take actions which demonstrate that we’re in denial or rejection of those illuminations then Life has no choice but to turn up the volume so that we hear it. This can feel like punishment because after we’ve avoided looking at something enough times we might get a bonk on the head to wake us up. But this is just Life taking necessary measures to reach us. It’s benevolent. None of us deserve punishment or condemnation for our past ignorance. Please let this in. Let’s not add self-harming blame ideas to the already challenging lessons Life is sending us.


One of the limiting habits we have formed as a species is to always try and move towards comfort and push away discomfort. We feel a pain and we take a pill to make it go away, but as long as we are always trying to escape the uncomfortable we are missing half of the treasure of life. It’s when we are uncomfortable that we have to reach out to others, it cultivates intimacy and trust. When we are in pain our compassion for others who are experiencing pain too is deeply felt, unlike the rest of the time where we’re buzzing around in self-involved busyness. It’s when we are forced into the uncomfortable that we have huge realisations about ourselves. If we are open to life’s lessons we become illuminated by the hell we put ourselves through. The Dark Night Of The Soul is one of the most growing experiences many of us ever have. If it weren’t for the heinous panic attacks I suffered in my late teens and the suicidal state I got myself into I would never have sought out information and techniques to pull myself out of the misery I felt I had been sentenced to and begin the Warrior’s journey which led me to be the humble genius you now see before you…

…and there is a big clue about our suffering. From the point of view of always running from discomfort and grasping after comfort, these challenging experiences are hellish and need to be resisted, but when I realise that my journey through this hell-realm and the tools I’ve learned on how to survive have taught me to be a skilful and empathic helper for those who are experiencing similar things to me, I notice that the hardest times of my life have been like a kind of super-hero training, sculpting me and giving me gifts which are useful for others in need. It’s almost as if, in our suffering, we are sent down into the darkest mines alone, but when we return to the surface we notice that we have in our hand a jewel that is of use to the next person down the line struggling in a similar fashion.

We’ve become so used to pushing away the chaos of our edgier feelings and feel so wary of approaching the edges of our comfort zones that whenever something or someone catapults there involuntarily we resist, we judge those people, fight them, manipulate them, condemn them, anything to keep life within the narrow confines of our perceived safety. We need the artists and musicians to go to those dark and scary places on our behalf so that we can sit in rows in the dark cinema and sob along with what’s happening on the screen. We don’t want to hang off a cliff by one arm sobbing desperately but we’re happy for Brad Pitt to do it up on the screen and we sit in the safety of Screen 2 in Finchley and have a watered-down, vicarious experience of that intensity the actor has immersed himself in. This is a vital offering we artists and creators bring, to go to such extreme places in ourselves and transform them into music and film and art for those less comfortable with their edges to have a gentler, more manageable version, and then when the credits roll go and have some dinner. The musicians and artists tend to experience life with higher peaks and lower troughs, that’s why so may of us suffer from depression and get carried away by our elation. The artists and musicians are brave and dare to go more willingly to those edges of emotion, and we provide an essential service to anyone else who needs to feel those parts of themselves more safely. Our adulation and worship of musicians and actors is a symptom of how accustomed we have become to disowning our intense feelings. We pay these artists huge sums of money to go there for us and create songs and films and other artistic expressions which allow us to get in touch with the visceral, messy parts of ourselves under controlled circumstances, risk free.

How have the challenges you’ve survived trained you? What were the unexchangeable gifts?


Are you comfortable with everyone being there to serve your idea? Some of us carry fear about looking arrogant or believe that if we are the leader or boss of a project that we might come across as an ego-maniac by having the last word on all decisions. It can feel edgy to own the leadership and allow all the geniuses around you be there for you, to receive what everyone’s bringing without shame. These deserving issues can be a huge trap and keep us small. Let them serve you and your idea. It’s safe to receive. If you don’t think so or you have an uncomfortable block arising when you consider this, then it’s time to do some dissolving before you take another step. Where did this sheepishness come from? Who planted it in you years ago? Is it someone else’s baggage? If so, put it down, because great art, though collaborative, is NOT democratic. No Masterpiece ever came out of a committee with everyone having their say and arriving at an average, watered-down version of what everyone wants.

Your project is about your vision, it’s about a team effort for everyone to help you manifest what’s being birthed in you. Yes, we listen to input, and we might even give some of our team decision-making power in areas of the project that we trust them in, but the final word, and there can only be one final word, must come from you. Make sure everyone’s on board with this before you set off down the road. A huge part of success is the ability to delegate. How many people’s genius can you harness?

Great Art is collaborative but not democratic. It’s OK to be the boss.



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