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I want you to let go of worldy concerns for a little

that’s what i mean by feminise

no doing

or thinking

or planning

or strategising

or solving

that to me is all masculine essence


i want space for you

listening without answering


dissolving the busy You and all her/his concepts and concerns

drop it

for a week

and be someone who’s not interested in the whole story, where its going, how it all fits together

and watch the movie

instead of trying to write and direct it

that’s the clearest way I can say it to you

music is the space between the notes


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it’s weirdly synchronistic for me that at exactly the same time I’m premiering my brand new MOJO BLAST! – Take Everything To The Next Level For This New Chapter workshop in Amsterdam this week, I’ve also been living among packing boxes and bin liners as I moved house this week and stepped gingerly into a totally different home and Chapter. So I’ve been mulling what it means to me and as squishy as it sounds, I’ve concluded that this next chunk, hopefully for us all, is one of letting in more love, letting life be simpler and easier and getting off the striving wagon. I love that poem…how does it go?….’you don’t need to crawl a thousand miles on your knees through broken glass, just give the warm creature that you are what it loves…’? Something like that, if I had internet while talking to you I could call it up but this new place has no wifi yet. It’s been very freeing for me, someone who does so much stuff online, to have the excuse to do a lot less work this week while I transition. Allowing myself space to procrastinate and go slow has yielded all kinds of creative and personal illuminations while I’ve been pottering about, looking in boxes…Self-love is one of the squirmiest, slipperiest concepts on this Twin Trail path we’re all on. We’ve really been indoctrinated that fully allowing and welcoming the good things we enjoy and serving ourselves might be greedy or selfish or ‘too ego’. The unconsciously delivered shamings from our earlier lives have distorted how we look after ourselves and allow ourselves to enjoy being loved-up, or even let it in at all. I’m consciously dissolving that ice-wall now and including myself more in the circle of ‘those who deserve wicked things to happen to them and to be loved-up on a regular basis’. Does that make you feel funny somewhere in your body? The idea of being in that circle….or are you smiling to yourself that you are well in that circle already and listing your gratitudes?

What does giving the soft, warm creature that you are what it loves mean to you? Could you allow that in a bit more?

(I feel a new Facebook Group coming on…..or a face cream, I’m not sure….)


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