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Sooo, this might not be your bag but we are telling you about it anyways.

We made a little thing called MONSTER HUNT and a bit of DEATH

It’s totes free.

It’s a 3 day thing this weekend – you can log into the course online and then listen, meditate on life + death, watch some videos and then feel better about being an imperfect human.


You might miss out on that particular pair of boots that instagram heard you talking to a friend about yesterday but… instead you can feel morally superior for having meditated a bit. Post THAT on instagram.

When >> Sat 23rd – Mon 25th March (You can geek out on the content anytime during each day)

Seductive info as follows:

What >> Saturday – Past – 5 Golden Keys of Alchemy (whatever the fark that means) AND a live chat to share our collective insanity on a public forum.

Sunday – Present – Full Body Listening + special treats (because if you have done anything with Jamie you will have heard him say full body listening 3 zillion times and so we have to make it sexier with other nice stuff).

Monday – Future – The death bed game (because it’s FUN and deep)

(that’s what she said)

BONUSES – Previews of our forthcoming A maze course (so we can persuade you to sign up).

Find it here and fill in the thing

(also what she said)


Lisa and Jamie

PS – How good is that name though? MONSTER HUNT and a bit of DEATH. We want to sign up to our own thing.

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Jamie blog,

Sorry if this is the second email you’ve read from us today – The other one wasn’t supposed to see the light of day. Still. We are shameless. THIS IS shamelessness in action. YOU ARE WELCOME.

People begged, they sent emails, they got down on their knees, they petitioned, they sent poetry and cash, so finally we gave in. IT”S ON! (again)

We’re doing this A maze thing again starting April 1st. And it’s not your average April fools. It’s a SACRED FOOL April fools. We haz the smarts.

“I took this amazing course with Jamie Catto and Lisa Larn. I’m taking it again so it will be a party. If you need creative inspiration, you’re interested in coaching or want to get out of a rut or just tap into a more authentic version of yourself, this is for you” ~ LS

We listened to all the feedback from the original Sacred Fools who joined us the last time and implemented the stuff we thought made sense – so you get to have an even better experience.

What is it? We tell you all the things HERE.

But if you can’t be arsed to click on that, here’s some things you need to know if you are going to join our sacred fool family.



You will get –

>> Every other week – Week 1 <<

In the first week of the cycle you will receive 1 x video per day and at least 2 x audio practices along with messages from your spirit animal which will probably leave you in the most elevated and LEVITATED spiritual state you’ve ever been in…

Or our money back. Because we’ve spent a LOT getting ourselves to this level and if it’s not working we definitely need to be compensated.

>> Every other week – Week 2 <<

In the second week of each cycle you will have a 7 days to integrate what you’ve learned or reminded yourself of, repeat some stuff (we think this is a really good idea, do it), or listen to the first 3 minutes of the first session despite the nagging self hatred and procrastination.

Then the cycle goes back to week 1. This lasts three (long or short, depending on your state) months.

>> All the frickin time <<

We, like, hang out on the forum and facebook and stuff.


The audio practices and any texts we have published plus all the coaching calls.

There are bonuses too. Go on, read about them HERE (and scroll down)

Are you in?! CLICK TO SIGN UP

We will make you laugh. We might make you cry. It’s totes worth it.

Ask us any questions by replying to this email,

Foolishly yours,

Lisa and Jamie

Ps. If you are awesome and actually got to the bottom of this email (or if scrolled down here immediately – kudos) we are offering you 25% off until the 26th March



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Pps. ALSO JOIN OUR FACEBOOK GROUP and do the insta thing. Everyone else does. Be like everyone else.

“YES- Are you Ready To Be a Sacred Fool with these two AMAZING people Jamie Catto and Lisa Larn. 😍
Even I am educated in the field I bow humbly as this IS the best course made on turning your shadows into rocket fuel- Being Authentic and YOU. With humor, creativity and deep wisdom.
Daily courses and weekly coaching calls- ✨✨” ~ MDL

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Are you a Ninja Alchemist?

On those days when we’re being yanked left and right by our emotions and anxieties and our usual negative voices start convincing us that their calamitous version of what’s going on is the TRUTH (and our body chemicals obediently kick in to add to the argument), the wise, kind human that we really are tends to suddenly disappear and this grasping self-cherishing or catastrophising character takes the wheel. It’s like a kind of narcolepsy where an unexpected thought or event suddenly triggers us and in a single thump of a heavy heartbeat our true, more grounded value system vanishes and we fully believe the negative narrative now urgently taking over our thoughts. Often we wake up later having said and emailed things we regret. The DJ’s of Headfuck FM are incredibly seductive.

But under the bullying voice or the despondent voice or the slave-driving strategising, control-tripping lunatic there is a legitimate need trying to express itself. The mind and body are communicating something, trying to direct us to a genuine issue, probably something to do with self-care. It may be something to do with adjusting how we’re framing something or maybe inviting us out of hiding. There’s treasure behind the painful symptoms. Even these dysfunctional voices have a function.

The Ninja Alchemy of this is to meet that legitimate need wisely and without automatically defaulting to outdated, immature or violent self-talk. At some point in our childhood we concluded that that inner character would save us from the chaos of life and we charged it with the job of constantly monitoring us and using negative language to us that reflected the way we ourselves were slave-driven or shut-down as kids. It’s time to bring those little young bodyguards home and remind them that protecting you isn’t their job any more.

As a kind adult.

The art is to notice how skilfully these feelings and voices put us to sleep and send us into that sudden ‘presence-narcolepsy’ and use the slumping or anxious feeling as the bell bringing us back to presence. Attach the notion of ‘coming back to presence’ to that edgy feeling.

Now, instead of it putting you to sleep it becomes the alarm clock waking you up – just you noticing it is the call to be the wise, present You. Loving awareness is back at the wheel.

It’s poetic, no?

When we adjust our framing, the very thing that was putting us to sleep becomes the thing waking us up and training us in loving presence.

It’s like an ongoing martial arts training and the anxious thoughts are sucker punches. Can we duck and weave? Can we improve our average of how many floor us? It hurts when we get punched. Got to duck and weave.

When we catch them on the way in and give them loving, wise presence, because the same voices that seem to be hurting us now, when asked questions, reveal all kinds of treasure, data, illuminations and essential needs, we don’t just neutralise the problem, we transform the pain into gold.

Try letting your attention and presence zone out and wide so that your periphery vision which looks at your own mind and feels all your body chemicals sharpens.

That’s how we use this as the alarm clock of consciousness not the tormentor.

That’s Ninja Alchemy


17 March What About Us?         Brighton
24 March What About Us?      Bournemouth
6 April Insanely Gifted                  Totnes
7 April Transforming Shadows    Exeter
13 April  Insanely Gifted             Norwich
14 April Transforming Shadows   Cambridge
27 April Insanely Gifted           Manchester
28 April What About Us?           Chester
4 May Insanely Gifted                   London
5 May What About YOU?              London

Japanese samurai warriors.

come to a workshop soon jamiecatto.com

To me, taming our inner slave-drivers (and critics) has to be one of the first things on the list if we’re interested in self-development and self-care, for unless we have a good handle on those cheeky, insidious demons, it’s all too easy for them to hijack proceedings and spoil all the tender fun – and in fact, set us back steps: “tsk…you haven’t done any yoga this week” – “look how needy you are – look how greedy you are – get a grip!” Those old, urgent yet misguided characters that live in our heads, trying to keep us in line the best, childlike way they know how, can (and often do) use all the data we’ve gathered in our mindfulness experiences to back up their out-dated, self-flagelating patterns and beliefs. Tutting at ourselves, calling ourselves names under our breath. The negative self-talk can creep in at any moment, especially in moments of sudden chaos or when we’re feeling overwhelmed.

When we tie bells to the ankles of these pesky critters we have a chance to operate from the only truly efficient place which is kindness and patience. The kind me and the kind You would never treat ourselves, or anyone else, with disdain or dismissal. The kind me and the kind You would never enforce those values and beliefs. The kind me and the kind You often falls asleep when the slave-driver or critic comes to call.

The game is to stay awake, see them coming, and above all, without banishing them, NEVER let elevate them to having any gravitas or decision-making power.

In these moments, the most efficient I can be is to ask ‘what is the legitimate need behind this toxic character’s behaviour?’ If that character is piping up, to me, it must mean that there’s something underneath which is feeling anxious or unfed or in need of some self-care. A good way to find out what it is is to ask the character itself. It takes a moment of dropping the solving, analytical perspective and just asking with curiosity:

“What do you really need?”

A moment of space, listening, and something Life’s Genius was trying to flag for you rises to the surface. Now the slave-driver has been transformed into an illuminator.

We have these skills and abilities. All it takes is to STOP – LISTEN – FEEL – and the kind, wakeful, resilient person we really are comes to the fore. That Presence never leads us wrong or denigrates us.

That’s why they say it’s all within. Do we dare stop and listen for it? It can be vulnerable to trust ourselves. Can we be a little bit vulnerable willingly?

It’s full of treasure.

(do come to Bristol, London, Manchester, Chester, Bournemouth, Brighton, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Glastonbury, Totnes, Corfu or Nepal)


17 March What About Us?         Brighton
24 March What About Us?      Bournemouth
6 April Insanely Gifted                  Totnes
7 April Transforming Shadows    Exeter
13 April  Insanely Gifted             Norwich
14 April Transforming Shadows   Cambridge
27 April Insanely Gifted           Manchester
28 April What About Us?           Chester
4 May Insanely Gifted                   London
5 May What About YOU?              London


Do you notice an urge to fill the space with ‘what’s next’?

No sooner has a short space opened up in my life than the ‘using my time wisely’ police show up. I’ve just completed the ‘Becoming Nobody’ film and we’ve scheduled 3 months of workshops, the new Academy of The Sacred Fool ‘Maze online Journey’ is about to launch again and even though it’s now obviously a time for replenishment and leaving space, I can still hear that cheeky slave-driver demon trying to sneak into my decision-making again: “So, what’s next? What’s the next big project? Got to get shit going! Mouths to feed for years ahead!”

It takes vulnerability as an artist or entrepreneur to be still and rest and allow replenishment without taking any direct action ‘out there’ to push things along. I used to find myself addicted to an endless to-do list which became more about staving off my anxious attitude than achieving the tasks on the list itself. I still slip.

Even though I know that Emptiness and stillness, when I allow them, have mostly shown themselves to be FULL, not boring or antsy or inefficient. That non-doing, more yin space, that the ancient Taoists call Wu Wei, is really full of ideas and unexpected treasures and illuminations rushing into that space. That’s where inspiring ideas often arise, in the spaces between my endless to-do list pre-occupation.

Yet there’s an entrenched character in my mind trying to sell me the opposite – a character I put in place long ago as a child, when I had concluded that the way to survive and achieve was to slave-drive everything along with tutts and exasperations as my teachers and carers had shown me.

So me and my slave-driver sit together here in this house. Every time I notice him start his list again I treat it as my alarm bleep or meditation bell to come back to presence as Jamie, the kind man who’s decided to sit still and not get anything done right now.

“Have you paid the Bristol venue?”


If I ever communicate with him with exasperation or try and ‘shut him up’ then I know I’ve fallen asleep and he got me. The real me is kind.

And this is how the slave-driver is repurposed and redistributed in my inner world as my newly appointed sparring partner in an ongoing Presence Challenge. The slave-driver now functions as the meditation bell of ‘noticing the difference between my kind, loving, present self and the endless self-protecting, self-cherishing, negative voices’ leaping in masquerading as ‘the important truth’. The slave-driver becomes a tool to notice the mental DJ’s of Headfuck FM who I long ago tasked with making sure I NEVER look stupid, never feel the pain of shame, never risk exile, never risk rejection, ridicule, poverty, unattractiveness, criticism….and every time I notice, I come back to kind presence and wake up from the spell.

To me, knowing the difference is what defines a juicy, awake Life or a zombified, reactive, asleep one.

So it’s worth it, even though now I just wrote this instead of sitting still.

“The first thing to do is stop whatever else you’re doing.

Now sit down somewhere comfortable.

Anywhere is fine” Thich Nhat Hanh


image: Igor Morski


Consider this – the voices in your head, the dialogue of critic and victim and fantasist and pessimist aren’t You. When you say “I beat myself up” I don’t believe you mean ‘You’ beat yourself up. The actual You is wise and kind. To me there’s a vital distinction between ME and my committee of voices which chatter away all day in my mind. Headf**k FM I call it. A never-ending radio show of dialogue and opinions and warnings and strategising with different DJ’s around the clock, and it’s been on so loud and so constantly that we have understandably come to believe ‘that’s Me’ saying all this to myself. But it’s not You.
Those voices are immature characters that we put in place long ago to mimic our bossy, stressed, ignorant parents and carers because we thought, back then, that we needed that kind of treatment to get things done and succeed in our tasks. That’s what was modelled to us and the insults and labelling we received along the way seemed to be true too, so we now uphold those ‘truths’ we were given and still, years later as adults, live as if those negative, limiting opinions about us are Truth and even keep a cast of demons in our heads to uphold those beliefs with negative self-talk, self-criticism, exasperation, and negative bubble bursting – often really mean.
This has immense consequences because we allow those attitudes to dictate what we show up for, what we dare to attempt, what we think we deserve and never question the fact that we decided to live so religiously by these incorrect perspectives when we were only 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 years old!
Your list of beliefs about what is and isn’t ok about you or what you can and can’t do in your life was made by the immature and often panicked child doing the best it could and making some very wrong (yet understandable) conclusions. And then setting them in stone for life.
To me, all the beliefs and voices trying to keep that old system in place isn’t really You. It’s the committee of special needs characters we all have in our heads trying to protect us with outdated data, like our own personal cast of One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest that we have to look after. We all move through this life with a retinue of very fragile and reactive characters inside and if we don’t listen to their legitimate needs and if we keep ignoring them or suppressing them, they will eventually attempt to get their needs met by suddenly leaping into our lives in some self-sabotaging crisis. They need attention and presence and just like a child, if it wants attention and doesn’t get it for long enough, it will either smash something or hurt itself or both.
Turning towards them and their edgy feelings with curiosity and kindness instead of panic and rejection is what the Tibetan Buddhists call feeding meat to the demons.
It has been really helpful for me to clearly distinguish between Me, the lovely kind awake Jamie, from the committee of voices rabbiting away. ‘I’ don’t beat myself up. One of my voices might try it – and this distinction between Me, the kind, awake, present, rational Jamie versus the family of characters, has saved me over and over from the incredibly insidious and invisible way these voices creep in and make me think their values are ‘My’ values and their beliefs are ‘My’ beliefs. It’s helped me to catch them as they try and sneak in and grab the wheel, the mouth, or God help us, the email! I know the difference between Me and them and can therefore often/sometimes turn toward them kindly and ask them what they need. Because each one has a legitimate need behind its anxiety and if I don’t meet it there will inevitably soon be trouble at mill.
Being super-conscious of our self-talk is a life-changing step towards self-care and opens the way for us easefully giving ourselves (and each other) so much of what We need. A deeper connection with everyone in our lives, success with our projects, even daring to do them and put them out there in the first place! – and to me, it starts with me noticing my unconscious negative dialogue and pessimistic pathways before they pretend they’re Me.
17 March What About Us?         Brighton
24 March What About Us?      Bournemouth
6 April Insanely Gifted                  Totnes
7 April Transforming Shadows    Exeter
13 April  Insanely Gifted             Norwich
14 April Transforming Shadows   Cambridge
27 April Insanely Gifted           Manchester
28 April What About Us?           Chester
4 May Insanely Gifted                   London
5 May What About YOU?              London


This is just a quick clarification because I notice so many folks imagine ‘the shadow’ is the dark side of us, the rage, the neediness, the greed etc. but the shadow is really just all the parts of ourselves we hid away in the shadows when we were shown or told that that aspect of us was unwelcome or shameful. So, yes, things like rage, neediness and greed did go into the shadow because they were totally rejected and forbidden as kids but many other beautiful and essential parts of us received that cruel and ignorant treatment too. This is why I spend my time guiding people towards the shadows. There is SO much low hanging fruit to be reclaimed with almost no effort.

Wonderful treasure we reclaim from ‘the shadow’ includes:

feeling comfortable to take centre stage

enjoying dancing

trusting your instincts

allowing the discovery of failure

allowing oneself (and others) to be messy sometimes

singing and arting and creating

allowing our gifts to be seen and enjoyed

wearing colours

being fully honest with family and friends


cracking yourself up

being able to release emotion with crying

experiencing the passion of your anger

standing up for yourself, engaging with causes and healing

laughing at ourselves

being generous

allowing others to support us in our vulnerability

being sexy

enjoying all kinds of pleasure…

….the shadow is not just the dark and yucky bits, it’s all the parts of ourselves we learnt at young ages were ‘unwelcome’ or got us rejected or told off.

It take SO little effort and drama to gently turn towards these places and reclaim their treasure….and there’s a lot of sheepish laughter and friendship in it….

What natural parts of yourself did you shut down as a kid? Any of the above list? Let’s welcome them home together….

(1-day Transforming Shadows in London Sat Feb 3rd, Bristol Sat Feb 9th)