Laziness and Real Productivity


I wrote a post recently that I’d like to share with you because it struck me how central to all my events and workshops this idea is, and says so much about what I want to change in the world.

”Lazy’ is a word for those poor souls who still think achievement and productivity is important and who can’t yet get comfortable with simply Being. if you have given yourself permission to achieve absolutely nothing in this life then it might wind those people up who are still addicted to productivity and getting somewhere. They might judge you in the area where they don’t feel free yet.
If someone calls you Lazy, take pity on them. They often don’t have the capacity to allow themselves peace unless they’ve earned it – which usually means they won’t allow themselves to receive Love unless they’ve earned it.
They might need a rest.’

The state I am describing above is the MOST efficient state to be in if you want to channel genius inspiration, creatively or otherwise. It’s only in the SPACE and the ‘not-doing’, that our Yin receptivity has a chance to receive and hear and be impacted by the next wonderful idea or the best plan of action. Plans of action are carried out by our Yang ‘doing’, our use of our will, but that efficient part of us only works best when directed by the Yin receptivity that hears and receives the greatest notions and clearest directions from somewhere, (let’s just say, that is not the ego driven front-mind). It might be our unconscious, it might be the muse in the wall – but wherever we hear it from, it won’t be our will, or our addiction to productivity, or our busy-ness that brings in the real gold. Our Yang ‘will’ will carry it out once the message has been received, but the treasure map is discovered in the yin.

And that’s not just for creative projects, it’s for our intimate relationships, our parenting, and nearly everything that’s precious to us, the above seems to apply. So on the workshops I’m churning out all the different ways our Yin has efficient, game-changing results and applications. It’s like turning on lots of apps you had inside you that have been lying dormant. Even the hourly practice of placing both hands on your belly, going still, and asking ‘How do I feel? What do I need?’ is an insanely life-changing thing to do for even 3 days! So that post got me going and I had to write to you.

Maybe I’ll see you online or at a workshop sometime – if you have any areas of your life that need adjusting or unblocking, I probably have just the right App for you, and it’s already in you just needing to be activated. Sounds whacky, but it’s true. I will show you how to turn it on.

try the belly thing and message me if you need a thing,

love Jamie

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