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Some people believe that a major function of a human life and this whole 3D ‘reality’ we inhabit is like a theme park of experience offering us a kind of soul-curriculum. In this model, every person we meet and everything that ‘happens to us’ arises from a sophisticated and beautifully crafted design to mirror us, illuminate us, and, when framed correctly, invite us back to wholeness and healing. It can be very powerful to see our lives this way, as a benevolent series of messages and sign-posts sent to train and evolve us.

Some take this concept even further and believe that before we incarnate as humans, maybe when we are in heaven’s waiting room about to come down to the EarthWorld theme park, we choose certain things that we want to work on in this lifetime or challenges we want to face or experiences we want to immerse ourselves in during the game. Some of these ‘set-ups’ are very intense and so, for those ones in particular, we choose our best friends up in the spirit world to come and play the most difficult roles such as those of our enemies or the abusive or challenging people in our lives.

While we’re setting up these scenarios we might ask one of our closest pals to play the role of our alcoholic mother or violent father or nightmare ex-spouse, and here on Earth they do it SO so convincingly that when we die and return back to heaven’s depressurisation chamber, this ‘best mate’ who’s been ‘playing’ our enemy peels off their rubber mask with a gleeful facial expression and says ‘Hey it was me all along! Remember?’ and we put our hands on our heads and go ‘Oh my fucking God!! That was the most unbelievable performance! It was method! It was was Lawrence fucking Olivier!!’ and we all marvel and fall about laughing.

So somebody who is in your life, someone you might describe as a Hannibal Lecter – from this other point of view is not Hannibal Lecter at all but Anthony Hopkins. From this standpoint you can marvel at their performance, their unswerving attention to detail and total convincingness.

If you’d like some homework, choose someone who until now you always considered an enemy or a huge challenge, and look at them through this lens. Then grab a pen and write them the most glowing, appreciative, theatre review of their stunning performance, maybe even including some of the most difficult episodes you’ve had with them as ‘stand-out scenes’.

Who, in your life, is carrying off an Oscar Winning villain’s performance?


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