The Manifesto for my 2020 Teacher-Training ‘BRING IT’

Evolution and enlightenment happen a lot quicker and easier when we treat the whole process as entertainment instead of ‘working on ourselves’.

I’ve noticed longer lasting, healing trajectory changes happen when we curiously snorkel around the edges of our edges, not over-boldly plunge ourselves into deep cold water.

Patient, caring and tending heals more sustainably than heroic pushing. I believe in making every step consensual with my fragile inner characters.

I believe in the treasure of low-hanging fruit and heart-opening, playful intimacy, not stoic reverence and unworthiness before ‘more advanced beings’ dressed as faux-humility.

The huge, sexy river of creativity and wisdom is available to everyone in every moment – even this one right now – but it’s through melting and opening not generating and do-ing. It’s not a Yang act of will. It’s our yielding Yin that allows us to be guided and filled by Life’s Genius.

The core of melodrama is based around something being ‘at stake’ but with our awakening there is literally nothing at stake. There’s nothing to do but listen and open and be moved – our souls are plotting our pathways, and we are mostly passengers. That’s what ‘letting go’ is all about. Trusting that river is real. Do you?

Genuine healing changes happen when we remove the over-importance or agenda to transcend this glorious, messy human experience and instead, be thoroughly entertained by our fallible, slapstick genius, tripping over our heart strings and spilling the wine, falling on our arses again and again as a given and each time treating it as one of our most illuminating and liberating spiritual practices.

This is how we make friends with our shadows and share that safety and peacefulness with others.

This is why I’m about to launch my teacher training to share my games and tools with a selected gang of new facilitators and leaders and teach you how to create your own games while engaging at a whole deeper lever of impact and intimacy with everyone who comes.

It’s called BRING IT and I’m going to open registration in a couple of weeks. It will include a video of why you want to do it and what inspires you…where are your own edges? Because we all know by now, it’s a twin-trail, both out into the World and deep into our own hearts.

message me if you’d like to get in early…jamiecatto

image: The Twelve Dancing Princesses by Ruth Sanderson

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