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It occurred to me today that while I have quite a lot of coaching and mentoring ‘clients’ I’ve never described it or deliberately offered it before. People get in touch with me through word of mouth and occasionally I tell Facebook ‘I have some spaces next week’ but I’ve never shared with you what I actually offer or do….so in case you’ve ever considered it, here goes:

I run two kinds of support.

The first way I work is to offer a flexible hour plus two weeks of email dialogue support, by text or email or any written follow up, and together we unblock or ignite any mission, problem, idea, need, pattern, issue or life-challenge, (which usually involves exploring other areas of your life than you thought you’d come to talk about!), and with very few exceptions, a huge illumination and dissolving of what’s in the way and/or a well needed redirecting of your focus and framing of what’s going on to where you can be powerful. The fundamental twist in this process is that most people come to a session with something they want to get rid of or a problem of some kind, and of course, in the linear, problem-solving way we’ve all been brought up to address challenges there’s an assumption that we’re going to clear an obstacle, remove something – that that’s what we should do. But that’s where the great misunderstanding is, from my model, of how I see progress and healing and unblocking working, because the agenda I’ve just described is based in turning away from or pushing away what’s going on, as if we’re here to get rid of something and yet the quickest and most efficient way to both dissolve an obstacle or problem and also, most importantly, harvest it for the blatant, neon sign-post I believe your Life’s genius is trying to give you through the experience, (and which usually bears much more precious gifts than the issue you think you came to explore with me) is to turn towards, not away from the edge. It’s all in the way we turn towards it, and, a sneak preview, it always includes a way you’ve forgotten to self-care. For this flexible hour plus 2 weeks of written dialogue support I charge £250 and usually do it on Skype but if you can get to Oxford or London or somewhere else I am, of course, in the flesh. For me, to go so deep but then not have a 2 week follow up period for what is left, for what comes up, how it settles and any adjustments needed for the commitments you’ll make in the session, would be a bit weird to me and I’m surprised that most coaches and even therapists, just offer their time in hourly slots without that availability afterwards.

The second way I work, as I usually only offer a single or at most two of the above one-off sessions, is a fully hands-on Mentoring relationship which, again perhaps uniquely to how it makes sense for me to work, I only know how to do by offering my 100% availability, seven days a week, holidays, evenings and even nights if I’m awake – limitless. I feel that if you want my brain and heart that deeply in your life then I need to be right there on your shoulder for whenever you have a dilemma, an upset, a confusion, a need for clarity, support, encouragement and especially being smartly directed to your own wisdom in any and every moment of your life. It’s an all-you-can-eat buffet for the period we’re working together. So I’m there on the end of the phone or Skype or text or in person for as much as you need me, (unless I’m on a plane or feeding a child), I pick up – or certainly within an hour or two, no needing to book a slot – you just call, day or night. This is a very intense journey and is only offered in 3 month chunks of commitment. For this I charge from £2000-£5000 a month (means tested) and it’s not for the faint hearted! My past and current clients have offered to tell you more if you’re serious about this option.

It feels good to tell you all that because I’ve never written it down before and the one-on-one work is some of the most extraordinary, nourishing, intimate and profound stuff I do, yet I’m always going on about the Insanely Gifted book and the workshops….so if you’d like to know anything more just email me at jamiecatto@mac.com and it’ll come straight to my inbox.

Thanks for, in whatever way you are, being part of this army of walking permission slips we are becoming – just by being authentic and embodied ourselves, we create a space for everyone around us to be real too, vulnerable even, and everyone breathe a huge sigh of relief as we allow a deeper connection, less superficiality, more intimacy and power.


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Unsafe Fences

One of the many characters roaming around in my mind, looking for trouble, is a kind of groundsman of my life’s landscape, perpetually checking on the areas of my perimeter fence which look insecure or vulnerable. He keeps returning to them, doing his rounds.

Some of them can be attended to and fixed or at least seemingly soundly protected but there will always be a few fences where he doesn’t have the tools to secure it. Some fences aren’t in our control or capacity to secure. This can make the groundsman a bit flummoxed or even anxious sometimes and he returns to those fences again and again to just stare at them holding his chin and sometimes imagine the danger of what might come through.

I read that the Samurai is instructed to, even in his most comfortable and joyful moments, imagine his own death, to imagine being swept away by a tumultuous river or ripped apart by wild dogs.

I also know that all the disasters that I used to dread and panic about earlier in my life, once they happened, I survived and often thrived unexpectedly and the experience was nothing like the dread I had pictured (often endlessly, exhaustively and exhaustingly).

Tell it to the groundsman.

Send the Samurai to stand by his side too.

Look at that fence.


What am I believing is true when I keep focusing on the unfixable boundary of my perimeter fence?

Historically you’ve always been an epic survivor, no?

In our new film (nearly finished!) Ram Dass says ‘Not getting what I want is just as interesting as getting what I want it turns out.’

Trusting the curriculum is a very different life.

The fleet of groundsmen and groundswomen that we now have patrolling the permimeter fences of our lives charged with clear instructions: never let me look stupid, never let me look like a failure, never let me look ugly, never let me be destitute, never let me get exiled…rejected….abandoned…

…religiously guarding against those things was an agenda we set in motion as small children when the pain of being laughed at or excluded or told off was just too painful, so we understandably charged our incredible brains to never let us feel those things again – and we’ve lived by the urgency of those decisions ever since.

But we were children then.

Setting our amazing minds to be preoccupied with those protections is like getting Einstein to sweep the floor in the laboratory.

Mark Twain said ‘I’ve lived through some terrible things in my life… some of which actually came to pass.’

I can’t secure all fences but I am an epic survivor and I trust the curriculum.

In times of chaos I return to that.


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