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For anyone who’s ‘on a path of growing’, I wonder if there may sometimes be a putting off of stopping and just…being…this, now, not going anywhere in your so important one Life as You.

I was watching one of the kids today, nearly 2 years old, and everything, for him, is growing and input. Every crouch-down to pick up a windfall apple is creating pathways of balance and weight-distribution and hand-accuracy. Moment by moment this kid’s life is intellectual and physical and emotional input. The whole organism is downloading and uploading a constant stream of data to arrange it’s motor, survival and human operational systems.

And then I was thinking about some people’s obsession with growing, and how it makes sense that after a childhood of accumulation one might think that that’s what life is supposed to be continuously about.

But a tree knows when to stop.

It keeps producing seeds and fruit, but at a certain time it knows that it’s high enough, and stops, and just resides as that height, that shape….being a tree.

Maybe the first chunk of our lives is for growing into all our systems and there comes a time to just be that shape – to enjoy the world just as we are without needing to head towards a finish line of enoughness when we will have earned the right to just rest…and enjoy…appreciate….Be.

How would it feel for you to just decide – ‘I’ve focused on growing and growing quite enough for now, I’m going to just Be now, just enjoy and appreciate all the aspects of my life, create new things, go deeper into what I’ve already manifested around me, and drop the idea that until I’ve done more, learnt more, broken through more, served more, healed more….I can’t just rest and enjoy?






Life is growing you – you don’t need to do anything except be there when it does.


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