Your Shadow Is Not Your Dark Side

A quick word on a huge misconception about the Shadow…and what we get up to on Transforming Shadows…(slight preachy warning) …but – it’s not about meeting your Dark Side, like your shameful and angry or greedy parts – but it’s the Hidden side. It’s the cellar full of ALL the parts of us that were made to feel unwelcome or shameful when we were kids, so to preserve love and inclusion we hid them away – which does include the standard, ‘socially-unacceptable’ things like anger and greed but there’s just as much, if not more, lovely, light stuff buried and suppressed as there is the predictable ‘yucky stuff’, for instance;

~ our relationship with our body and our sensuality

~ our freedom to enjoy pleasure without shame

~ our freedom to get up in front of the other humans and share our excitements or vulnerability without feeling mortified

~ our experience of letting inspiration take us

~ our permission to draw, to sing, to be flamboyant, to be cocky, to be mischievous, to be saucy, to be outrageous, to stand out from the crowd, to be a free thinker, to be a rebel, to disobey, to trust ourselves, to trust other people, to speak our truth, to leap into the void!

…and a thousand other gifts just waiting to return to us.

I feel that the whole ‘Dark Side’ misconception of Shadowork puts people off a bit – when really it’s a very gentle way of welcoming home our gifted and suppressed treasures. It’s a beautiful, funny, unprecedented RELIEF to come back to authenticity and stop exhausting ourselves with the masks and strategies and obsessive maintenance of the brochure of ourselves lest anyone should know what’s really going on inside.

I mean, really.

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