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What are you striving for…(or gently heading towards)? What is the thing that when you get it will make everything peaceful and complete and ok in your life? For many it’s imagined as a certain amount of money or regular financial security – for others it’s just the right lover or partner or home – it could be Worldy or local success, being seen as valuable and special somehow by everyone – or having reached some other finish-line of achievement…maybe when you’ve done more yoga or attained a certain level of wisdom then everything will be great – pouring through books for that elusive aha moment that’s going to make everything acceptable and peaceful at last…

…but the thing is, having been around a lot of people that headed for those things before you and I, and achieved them, I can tell you that none of those finish-lines delivered that everything is ok now feeling to any of them for more than a flicker of a moment – and then it was back to the shadows and lights of being a human again, still feeling the same ups and downs and hopes and worries they had before.

In fact, the achievement of those this will make me complete and content goals and ultimate disappointment and emptiness that soon follows can be worse for some than the constant heading towards that most people live through, because once you’ve earned that money and got married and everyone’s chanting your name from the cheap seats on your world stadium tour, and yet you still return to feeling empty and disconnected when the lights have gone down and everyone’s gone home, then you REALLY have a problem – because where can you go from here?

This realisation, when it comes, is a bit like a rock-bottom moment for an addict – when all the unhealthy ways to avoid that feeling of disconnection have failed and one is left with no more options to escape the loneliness of being a person, an individual among billions of other individuals, all searching for that deeper sense of peace and connection in inefficient and unfulfilling places.

The inevitable realisation that occurs next, whether you’ve made it BIG or run out of addictions, and no more shopping or scrolling or consuming is filling the hole any more, is that the way to open the aperture of nourishing, fulfilling and joyful contentment sustainably is to GIVE.

Generosity and service are guaranteed to deliver that thing.

Having our generosity received is one of the most nourishing things on offer on this planet. How much more enjoyable is it to see someone open a present that you took some time making or selecting than you, yourself, opening another scarf? Having been appreciated for your love and care in any form, from a fleeting smile of presence or loving complicity to a big favour, or just being there for someone when they needed it. These things FILL our hearts and sense of being at home with the other humans during this brief, often scary, flash of human life. Writing music or creating is an act of generosity, offering our gifts as artists, chefs, guides, technicians, healers, helpers….the feeling of being received, the connection and intimacy that opens up is fulfilment.

So whatever material or spiritual path you think you’re on, wherever you think you are headed, please forgive my dogmatic tone here but I can save you a lot of trouble and tell you now, you are going to realise at the end of it, or at some point along it, that having an attitude of ‘where can I give?’ in small and big ways, either just with the people you know or to the furthest reaches of the planet, is the only thing that will sustainably bring you contentment. Whether it be devotion to your garden, your children, you friends, the environment, people who need help and care, or the song you are writing – wherever you can give of yourself devotionally will be where you find that thing and can build your castle of contentment on solid ground.

Might as well get on with it. Please let us know how it goes.


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