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Huge excitement about launching into a whole year of my What About You? weekend workshops. Such an inspiring bunch of creatives and outlaws showing up to explode creativity, ignite our playful genius and transform shadows into rocket-fuel – or ‘demons into employees’ as one collaborator commented recently.

The sessions began as an extension of the talks and Q&A evenings I was doing after ‘What About Me?’ screenings…


…where the group conversations were becoming increasingly edgy and inspiring. Soon we were getting into what really makes us create, where the juice comes from and especially how to access it without waiting around forlornly for some abstract ‘muse’ to whisper from the walls.

Once we started meeting up in groups of 40 or 50 in various locations around the globe it became clear that our creativity had a lot to do with playing with our shadows and thereby harvesting the energy we’d wasted by hiding them and ‘dragging them around in a sack behind us’ as Joseph Campbell said (or maybe it was Jung, I can’t remember).

Soon we were project building from a whole rejuvenated and powered-up place and ideas and plans were soaring – and they still are by all accounts.

these are the dates for the next workshops:

7th-8th July, Lewes, E.Sussex, UK

14th-15th July, London, UK

8th-9th September, Devon, UK

Please have a look at the new website:


…and turn right for the workshops.

Or if you’d like to reserve a place right now, click here:


They are all for DONATIONS ONLY – partly because I’m much more interested in everyone coming and not excluding those who can’t afford my A-list celebrity rates, but secretly also because I’m scared that if I put a real price tag on it maybe no one will show up…………….shhhhhhhhhhhhhh



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All around you, standing to attention, looking sharp in their tailored suits stand God’s Deaf Waiters. They are primed and excited to bring you all manner of amazing delights, conjure support you never dreamed of, whisper to you great ideas and triumphantly manifest unexpected good fortunes and synchronicities to further you on your Mission.

The only thing is, they’re deaf. So they can’t take your orders or understand your desires from what you say you want. No, they can only surmise their orders and your wishes from your Actions.

When we take actions according to our passions they see us getting busy and productive and they get interested, they conclude….oh Jamie’s doing that, he’ll need one of these…. and they styishly come up with timely gifts that we’d never have imagined were just what we needed, yet summoned by our intent, fuelled by our productivity and commitment, God’s Deaf Waiters are all around us, waiting to serve our highest excitements.

Tip big.

All Creativity Workshops at www.jamiecatto.com


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