Do You Keep It Consensual?

Consent has thankfully become a huge topic of late.

Do you take consensuality seriously?

Do you ever find yourself trampling your own boundaries to please or rescue another?

Do you ever skip checking in with yourself that you’re really a ‘yes’ before you say ‘yes’ to a favour or an invitation?

When you feel resistance about going somewhere, do you ever drag that scared part of you along, because you think you SHOULD go, without having an inner dialogue with that scared part of yourself first and asking what it needs to feel safe about going?

Do you take your SELF-consensuality seriously or only apply that sensitivity and respect to others?

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One comment

  1. Not just feeling safe about going… I will feel safe wherever I go, but more, is there any point in going? Is it my thing? Is my time better spent somewhere else, with someone else, reading or sleeping or whatever. I am actually thinking about that right now with something on tomorrow night. I “should” go, but should I? I don’t think I will. Jimmy Dean had it right, rebelling without a cause. Remember those scenes with his Dad (the Ultimate Signifier) Jamie?

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