Don’t Fall In Love With A Warrior

Don’t Fall In Love With A Warrior

As his love will cast such blazing illumination upon you

That the darkest edges of your resistance will be etched too vividly for you to ever ignore again.

You will be faced with yourself in his reflection, and fixed with his gaze.

His care will trigger weeping for all the unloved places that had ’til now been left unheld

And you will be faced with your grief and your rage

And there will be a melting.

But though he’ll never save you from your pain

He will sit beside you, matching your breath

Supporting you invisibly until dawn rises again

Until your ribs ache with the opening

Revealing new spaces for your heart to reinhabit.

He will call you back to yourself from the caves where you’ve hid

Hid your power from the world, and from your self,

He’ll plant a question in your soul

And demand an answer.

Are you ready to love yourself so deeply and be matched in that love?

He’ll burn all your maps of the past

Dissolving the paths that led us here

To fix upon the only moment where love resides

Will you surrender to his fingertips?

Even when you fear the echoes of your past urging you to escape?

For he’ll touch your cheek so lightly that your memories of violence will rise so they may fade.

Can you feel safe and powerful without being needed?

As he is complete unto himself and knows how to hold himself on his own lonely nights.

Can you be held without being grasped?

Can you be led without domination?

Can you be an equal?

When he points to the horizon can you see what he imagines just beyond sight?

Will you join him on a journey

Deep into your raw and aching hearts

To discover treasure and Union and surrender?

He will penetrate you to your core

Eyes locked

Nodding so slowly as he

Sees you

Held firm.

For he’s discovered your hiding places

And remains undaunted Patient.

He’s seen your crown that you pretended was a veil

He’s seen the wounds around your neck transforming into jewels

And will never let them take you again

To that fire.

He waits at the base of the tower

Open handed

Ready to ride.


  1. Exquisite! Thank you Jamie – you continue to rattle my cage with your insightful posts – Love! Sent from my iPhone


  2. Oh my God Jamie!!! This weakens my knees and brings me down on them. This is exactly the man I’m looking for and have described in my notebook… A warrior… Thank you for describing him down to the very bone for me. I appreciate you so much! ❤️

  3. My god … I have NEVER read anything as passionate as this … EVER!

    Beautiful!!! Wow!!!

    Lucky girl who is loved by the Warrior.


  4. x Thank you so much. Just reading this and thinking about my man who is thousands of miles away in New Zealand gave me a good old tear-duct clean!!!!

    It captured so perfectly how he makes me feel and I sent it to him telling him that this might help convince him that when I cry during our love-making it is absolutely NOT a negative.

    Thanks again and see you at Transforming Shadows! x

  5. Hi Jamie

    Caroline is with you tomorrow, she is hurting so much please help her any way you can.

    I worry about her as a mum – with small children you can put a plaster on and fix it when they are grown up you can’t. I know she is scared of being on her own and also alone yet she has amazing strength but is wiped out. She has an exciting future, she will be okay and come through this.

    Thank you if you get this before the workshop.

    Love Christine

    Sent from my iPad


  6. Exquisitely penetrative. Do fall in love with a warrior , surrendering to sweet wholeness.

  7. Mmmm, wonderful, yes please…The problem is, of course, that we are all human and so imperfectly perfect, and, other than the reflection of pure presence, which is incredible but which most of us can’t sustain for long, sometimes we warriors and dakinis in training are giving one another a clear reflection and sometimes it is a big stinking pile of projection of our own dis-owned material, I’ve certainly been on the giving and the receiving end of that dynamic! So I will qualify my yes, by saying I will take the Warrior and also continue to look at other reflections in my life and my own inner guidance as well 🙂 Namaste

  8. Suggestion to Jamie Catto: it would enhance the pleasure of reading this poem if two minor typos were fixed.
    “But though he’ll never save you from you pain”
    should say “But though he’ll never save you from your pain”
    and ” He will penetrate you to you core”
    should say “He will penetrate you to your core”

  9. LOVE this. Modern shamanism…modern ‘Rumi’ and ancient in the same time. It helps me to understand the spiritual path and the path in relationships are interwoven. Sacred oppurtunities to melt.

  10. Beautifully well done at each point – a rhythmically cadenced horse-and-rider of expression. I’m living this account presently. There’s one point I find arising in my own reading I offer as an insertion, respectfully, [following, …”And remains undaunted Patient.”] Please be not offended:
    The naked stare of sheer, raw presence penetrates our mirror’s core. Breathless pure and total knowingness ever fresh births its own epic story. Luminous and clear is this living ritual written on wild, singing winds. Within our shared native state, this space is primordially freed from ghosting sins. Unborn anew with every precious pulsing, our Heart beats the drum for our Creation song and dance.
    Mahalo nui/Big thank you.

  11. I really love this writing. For me it’s beautifully resonant with what Robert Bly proposes for a new masculinity in “Iron John.” Unlike the soldier, who is savage and serves the state, the warrior is wild, but beholden to the community. On his journey he meets “The God Woman in the Garden.” Yes, please. I endeavor to meet the Divine Feminine with my own fire, to venture together. I view this as worthy work.

    Perhaps these are unicorns, but just that, mythical archetypes. Bly says that we men are not the Wild Man, but stand at the edge of the forest and call upon him.

  12. Thank you for sending me this Jamie, just when I needed to work out what to send to Kara with my Valentine’s Card and roses, I will send this!

  13. That was amazing… you put into words what I’ve been trying to say for what feels like a lifetime

  14. For Megan
    At eighteen she sits down to the table
    alone. With fork and knife she cuts
    a large and hearty piece of angst pie
    which she purchased a short time ago
    from the commissary on the army base;
    her currency being her maidenhead
    laid down at the feet of a soldier.

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