“Ladies and Gentlemen this is the first TV and Online COUNTRYWIDE VOTE – this issue of 4359B of….Whether we as a country wish to ever Manufacture or be part of any business of making or selling guns, bombs or bullets to other warring nations or nutter dictators or regimes…..will be collectively voted on Online and through TV Home Systems in 40 days (and forty nights).

The old system of a few people deciding such matters was created long ago before we had the technology to educate ourselves and securely cast out vote in our millions. We are building the New with now most basic modern technology to replace the old system of a few questionable strangers.

Please discuss, debate, educate YOURSELVES, passionately express your feelings about this  issue with each other and then please each cast your single vote Online on our Secure Server at the end of that period. There will be a countdown on that PeoplePower webpage until that moment when we will collectively choose and manifest exactly what we want as a Nation.

Next Month: …Legalise Marijuanna and Cannabis products that are helping cancer victims and stop sabotaging that at least….

Thank you for building the new.”

Come and Build the new by being a walking permission slip for everyone to lighten up and risk a deeper connection with each other.

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